About Us


Wiegand Family Distribution


Los Angeles Born & Based,
Independently Family-Owned & Operated,
100% Independent & Authentic Craft Beer,
100% Refrigerated Warehouse & Refrigerated Delivery,
Fresh for Southern California Consumption!


Wiegand Family Distribution believes that honest hard work and quality beer go hand in hand. Through sweat, blood and an occasional tear, we strive to build quality relationships and will bust our ass to achieve our breweries individual goals.


Based in Los Angeles, we strive to bring fresh, quality craft beer to our Southern California accounts. While some craft beer styles cellar well, the majority are designed to be consumed fresh. We take the steps necessary to ensure our beer is as fresh as possible. With our refrigerated warehouse space as well as our refrigerated fleet of delivery vehicles, we have dedicated ourselves to delivering the beer exactly how the brewer designed it for you to enjoy. Fresh in, fresh out, fresh to you.


With years of expertise and market knowledge, we are dedicated to establishing quality relationships with our accounts and are deeply entrenched in one of the fastest growing markets in the country; Southern California. The sleeping giant has awakened and it is thirsty for quality craft beer.